TPU 15Amp Portable Electric Vehicle EV Charger Type2 Adjustable AU Plug

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TPU Cable Portable Electric Vehicle EV Charger CCS Type 2  with 15Amp Australian Plug with Water Proof Carrying Bag

Tested and Certified to Australian standards !

 This portable EV Charger with CCS Type 2 connection via a 15amp "Australian approved"  Plug. allows you to charge your electric vehicle with a standard 15amp wall socket. The Unit can be wall mounted ..   2 Year Warranty 

 AMPERAGE Selection input allow you to select the input Adjustable from 6Amp to 15Amp

Suitable for ALL electric vehicles fitted with the CCS type 2 international charging system

The product will be delivered with  international certificate and manual, please ask.


  • Maximum power: 3.2-3.6 kW
  • Light Weight 2.1kg
  • 5 meter length
  • Meets international CE & Australian standards
  • Auto charge recovery
  • Over current protection
  • Warranty: 2 Year;
  • Operating Temperature:-30℃ to +50℃