Synthesis board jigsaw puzzle table storage folding tilting table 1000 pcs

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▪Suitable up to 1000pcs puzzles
▪2 individual drawers, to allow people organize similar color loose puzzle.
▪Drawers have lock to prevent puzzle fall out.
▪Drawers are removable, people can put drawer on lap for easy puzzling.
▪Tilting design to avoid back pain from long time puzzling
▪Folding function to save space when not in use
▪Storage function to store puzzle for playing next time
▪Friction fabric to secure the puzzle in place
▪High quality smooth surface
▪Made from solid wood for long term use.
▪Wooden fence to prevent puzzle fall out.
▪Portable function, so you can bring to other people’s house to enjoy puzzle
▪Beautiful center piece for decorating of your house.
▪This is a must have for professional puzzle lovers.
▪Extra individual space to enjoy your favorite puzzle.
▪2 layers of green fabric to secure your puzzle in between
▪Flat design, so the table can fit under sofa or bed
▪Extra individual space to enjoy your favorite puzzles.
▪Three massive spaces to sort puzzles.

Open size: 101.5x54x25cm 

Folding size: 90x68x6cm

Tilting green board size: 75x55cm

Drawer size: 38.5x34cm 

Package Including 
1x jigsaw puzzle folding table
2x removable sorting drawers