RV Caravan Camper Metal alloy fruit basket vegetables storage basket box case

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RV Caravan Camper fruit basket vegetables storage basket box case 
It is an inset basket with a hinged glass lid, and a hole to allow the water of the fruit surface to go out. it is a good choice for fruit or vegetables storage in your car or caravan.  
Glass lid makes useful extra workspace when not in use and folded down. Ideal for caravan, motorhome, boat, RV, horsebox etc.
This fruit case is designed to sit in RV countertops where space is limited. When closed, the attached heat resistant glass lid creates added surface space while the sink is not in use. also it can keep your fruits fresh and is definitely a good choice for you.

Hinged, heat resistant, black, glass lid.
the materials is made of Aluminum alloy and glass. it is strong.
Heavy duty rubber seals.
1 year warranty.
bakset Size:420*370*140mm
420mm (side to side)
370mm (front to back)
140mm (deep)

Thickness: 8mm
basket material: Metal
Lid material: Tempered glass 

Package Content:

1 set of Caravan fruit basket with mounting parts

1 x install kits