New Oil cooler For Holden Cruze JH 1.4L A14NET Turbo Barina TM MJ 1.4L 2011-on

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Oil cooler assembly For Holden Cruze JH Turbo Barina TM MJ A14NET 1.4L 2011-on

The item we are selling is a brand new oil cooler assembly for Holden Cruze JH 1.4L Trubochaged and Brian with 1.4L turbocharged petrol engine. 

Reference OE Part Number:  55566784, OC-0402,650039

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Holden Barina   TM  A14NET  1.4T Trubo   2013-2018

Holden Cruze    JH  A14NET  1.4T Trubo    2011-2016

Holden Trax      TJ   A14NET  1.4T Trubo    2014-2018


1 x Engine Oil Cooler

Product structure:

The oil filter is mounted on the base and communicated with the oil passage of the base, the heat dissipation cover is connected with the base, and a cooling water chamber is arranged between the cover and the base, and the oil cooler, the oil cooler and the cover are installed in the cooling water chamber. The oil passages on the plate communicate with each other, and the oil passage on the cover communicates with the oil passage of the base.

Product advantages:

The oil filter and the cooler are combined into an assembly, which is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, good in versatility, strong in adaptability, reduces external piping, safe and reliable in operation, and convenient to use and maintain!