Bearing Disassembly Puller Inner Hole Puller Removal Tool Three-jaw Puller Set

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  • This bearing removal tool contains six different sizes of Puller, can remove a variety of different shapes, different sizes of bearings. Three new hooks are added to make disassembly easier and can be applied to more bearings of different specifications.
  • These Bearing Disassembly Puller are made from High quality alloy steel forged and for long-term durability under even punishing use. especially collet, after heat treatment process to handle even the most stubborn blind bearings and bushings without trouble.
  • This internal bearing puller can remove bearings of various specifications and sizes without damaging the removed parts.
  • For all kinds of bearings, just fit the appropriate collet, lock it into the inner race, and constantly Tighten the jack nut,the bearing can be easily removed.
  • All the tools are packed in a plastic carrying case keeps everything organized and easy to carry or store as needed.  

  • Specification:
  • Puller head: DL1/DL2/DL3/DL4/DL5/DL6.
  • Applicable bearings: 6005/6006/6007/6008/6009/6010/6205/6206/6207/6208/6209/6210/6305/6306/6307/6308/6309/6310