6.5L Candle Making Large Melting Pot Furnace Electric Soy Wax Melter Spout 220V

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6.5L Candle Making Large Melting Pot Furnace Electric Soy Wax Melter Spout 220V



Electric wax melting pot is used for all kinds of candle making. Applied to melt most kinds of wax, such as soy wax,paraffin,coconut,palm wax,beeswax,hard wax, canned wax,wax beans,wax beads, brazilian wax, wax block. It is also used for making soap. The wax melter is perfect for making small batch candles.It is ideal melter for DIY hobbies, and candle business.


Name:Wax melting furnace




Actual capacity:6.5L

Temperature control range:30℃-100℃

Material:stainless steel



Package Size:27*27*43cm

Package weight:3KG

Benefits for you

Large Capacity 6.5L Large capacity can melt 12LB soy wax or 14LB water.Make candle in bulk more faster and reduce production time.

【Rapid Heating】1500W high power can quickly melt candles. Can melt 1KG soy wax in 5 minutes.

Anti Scalding Insulation Design】Use insulating cooling foam on the outside of furnace to prevent you from the burns,it is more safe to use.

Upgraded Design】Grooved design at the bottom,and it comes with the stainless ball valve,the wax won’t be blocked.

Free Temperature Setting】Quick and convenient temperature control function, can control the temperature 86℉-212℉, to meet the production needs of different waxes.

Stainless Steel Dispensing Spout】 There is a stainless steel dispensing spout at the bottom, which can pour the melted soybean wax into the candle mold more easier.

Stainless Steel Inner Tank】Stainless steel inner tank, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance. long lasting.

Shipping List

1PCS Wax melting furnace

1PCS stainless steel spoon

6PCS Wax core fixing plate

100PCS Wax core

1PCS Manual