Proium 42PCS Thread Repair Restorer Kit Thread Chaser Set UNF UNC Rethreading Tool

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MRCARTOOL 42pcs thread chaser set is suitable for creating new threads or repairing damaged threads on most metals (such as cast iron, steel, aluminum and copper), and easily repairing damaged internal and external threads on nuts, bolts and studs.

1.Made of the highest quality carbon steel and tempered at high temperature, it has strong strength and maximum durability.
2.The rethreading kit includes 21 thread dies, 19 thread taps and 2 SAE thread files.Its various sizes make it widely used.
3.The die and tap are hexagonal, which can be used with wrench or socket, and the operation is simple and convenient.
4.The thread file can be used at two ends. In addition, it is equipped with a removable plastic sleeve. When used, it is sleeved on the end held by the hand to prevent scratching the hand.
5.The die and tap of the thread restorer kit have three colors, silver corresponds to UNC size, black corresponds to UNF size, and gold corresponds to metric size. Moreover, each product is marked with corresponding specifications and sizes, which is easy to find when using.
6.With a blow molding box, all products can be neatly placed in the box after use, which is convenient for storage and transportation, and is not easy to lose.
7.The groove in the box can prevent thread repair tools from moving freely and effectively prevent wear.The corresponding model is marked next to each groove on the box, which is convenient for taking out when in use and putting back after use.