220V 6500W Tankless Electric Instant Hot Water Heater Shower Kitchen Wholehouse

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1. Instant electric water heater, safe to use, energy saving, water saving, no pollution, no waste gas.
2. Using high temperature resistant ABS material, durable to use and long service life.
3. With LCD digital temperature display (℃), the temperature can be displayed directly.
4. In order to ensure safe use, all current and voltage issues have been strictly tested.
5. High‑efficiency water heater, can quickly produce hot water to meet the needs of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.
6. Suspended design, water inlet adopts standard specification interface, which can be directly connected to the hose.



Item Type: Water Heater
Material: ABS+Aluminum

Weight: Approx. 1850g / 65.3 oz

Size: Approx. 26x19.5x7.5cm / 10.2x7.7x3.0in
Installation Method: Suspended Design
Application: Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet


Package List:

1 x Water Heater

1 x Accessory Kit

1 x Manual